About a virtual company seat

According to Section 429 of the Civil Code, the registered office of a company is defined as an address entered in a public register. A virtual seat, sometimes also referred to as a virtual office, is a service whereby a virtual office provider rents an address to a legal entity for a fee to be registered as that legal entity’s registered office.

In addition to the rent of virtual seat you receive apart the address the following services

Change of the registered office of the company in Commerical Register

It does not matter where you have your current seat, we will help you with the change and registration of your seat.

Administration and registration of mail

We recommend our clients to set up the postal service of all postal services to the address of their choice. You can activate this service at Czech Post. The advantage is that you will receive all registered and personal letters directly to the contact address or to the local post office. Clients who are not interested in mail forwarding can receive and forward mail directly or scan it and send it via email, all within the virtual office service. Of course there is the possibility of picking up the inbox in our office after a previous appointment.

Registered company seat as quick as possible

We will provide a registered office for your company in a record time. Need to provide a seat today? It's not a problem for us. Contact us and arrange the earliest possible date for signing the headquarters contract.

Savings in registered seat

Save considerable money on renting and running your own office in Prague. Providing your company seat in our property is cheap and fast. You can do business from home.

Where is your new company seat going to be located?

The registered office is at a prestigious address in Prague 10, 7 and 1 (Žirovnická 3133/6, Jankovcova 1535/2a, Příčná 1892/4). At a really low cost of providing a company seat

Receving mail

We will make sure your mail reaches you at any time. We offer several options:

1.) Receipt of mail is automatically included in the price of registered office /without packages/.

2.) Other services according to the price list:
–  e-mail notification,
–  SMS notification,
–  scanning.

3.) We will do a mail forwarding in Czech post at our request.

How to establish a virtual company seat ?

1. To prepare a contract, please advise:

  • Name and IČO of the company /for OSVČ name and surname/.
  • Who of the statutory representatives will sign the contract.
  • Mailing address, e-mail, telephone.

2. We will prepare a contract on the basis of provided data and for the purposes of the registration in Commercial Register consent with the location of the registered office as well as extract from the Land Register.

3. By contract signatur is necessary to settle rent for 1,2,3 or 4 years.

4. If you do not have the opportunity to come to us to sign and pay the first payment in person, we will send you the contracts for signature and invoice by mail. You can also pay by bank transfer. Once we have signed the contract and the payment is credited to our account, we will send you a consent to the location of the registered office and an extract from the Land Register to the given mailing address. In order to speed up the process it is possible to send consent with the location of registered office also by cash on delivery, then you will receive it the next day by mail.

5. You will file the contract (it is for you), you will hand the verified consent together with the announcement of the place of business to the Trade Licensing Office at the self-employed person or in case of companies on the Commercial register /you probably pass it on to the notary who makes the deposit proposal).